Reflection:  My Contact Page feedback was very specific and design-oriented; as a result I was able to clearly see what to fix.  The question then became how to fix it:  line up items with content (as they tend to shift between browsers and computers); add stems to each kind of contact; remove extra wording in contact information.  And all of this feedback was to make it easier for a stressed-out student to find the information, and thus, me!


So, as a result of my instructor's feedback, I figured out a lot more things about web design.  I learned that the little locks at the bottom left of the mini-menus are to lock items into place on the web page so they don't shift around between computers or browsers.  I added the introductory stems, as below, to streamline the view.  I took out extra wording.  I imagined myself as a stressed-out student in need of help.  What would I wish to see?   This was the beginning of seeing myself as the teacher instead of the student, and seeing the student as someone other than myself!


CONTACT ME:                    Ruth Virginia Barton


          Teacher:                   Ruth Virginia Barton

          Email:                        Ruth@PeaceWorx.US

          Phone/Text:            631/555-1212, 9-9.

          Safety Net:               www.SafetyNet.HomeSchool.

          PsychSupport:         800/555-1212 (Home School Emergency Contact Info)


If you could use help with an overwhelming challenge, please consider contacting your support group, the Safety Net; or Psych Support; or text or call me.  I prefer to be reached 9-9, Eastern Standard Time, but am otherwise available for emergencies.