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Hello!  Welcome to the Land of Ocean ePortfolio!

Welcome to the world of online learning, where we click to explore and navigate through

this virtual universe.  Passwords are passports, web sites are portals, and tech savvy is our

transport vehicle to these inviting planets and entrancing domains.  Remember your pro-

tective cloaking device!  You might need it in this mysterious and wonderful web universe. 

Click the links to planetary portals in the menu bar above or the water planets below.  Click here for my undersea video, below

Enjoy classroom journeys and artifacts from web worlds far and wide.  Explore the link gateways to the inviting eLearning Universe. Allow it to introduce its guidelines so you may explore its vistas.  My favorite constellation is Brain-based-eLearning, where the 

E-Learning and Brain-Based Learning collide, creating safe haven schools, protecting students socially and emotionally.   Universal Design for Learning (UDL) makes eLearning accessible for everyone, no matter what constellation they hail from!  And welcome to our online planetary school called Home in this domain of Ocean ePortfolio, giving us roots so we can grow wings.

After zooming around the web universe in our virtual starships, we are complete when we reflect in our "Captain's Logs."  Explore classes in the menu above and eLearning artifacts from planetary civilizations in the oceanic planets below (hover and click on "Go to link").  Click Play below for Beethoven!  Click your way to the virtual stars and Welcome to come back home!  Happy exploring!

Ruth Virginia




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