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Press the planet to access my assessment blog. Assessment may not seem at first to be the most fascinating subject, but it's feedback, which can be pretty cool - and powerful!  How we assess learning determines how we teach:  whether we're the "guide on the side," facilitating a student-directed learning project, or we're the "sage on the stage," the source of information. 

click for icebreaker on violet stars in the universe
Click for a discussion of double-looping higher-order thinking.



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TRY THIS ONE, my mid-term project

Below is a MindMap I created about how to teach student engagement and the follow-ing assessments.  Use the color chart to decipher the codes.  What's the best way to get your students engaged in your class? Ask them!  Here is an amazing article from Edutopia suggesting this very thing!



 Using Wikispaces Classroom I created a pretend      

 classroom and pretend students, then had pretend  conversations with them!  Once in, click on Pages   

 on the right to see more class discussion boards.     


Mary Poppins Icebreaker

Click for higher-order thinking taxonomy for online learning.

Click for


Click to access rubric for creating mind map.

 Click to access Rubric  

Click to take a survey on classroom engagement.

Click to take my survey on classroom engagement!

Hmm.  My mind's starting to feel a bit cluttered. Perhaps I'll move down the  

 beach a ways....

have moved down the beach to "reflect."  See my blog up there in the site menu for reflection on Assessment!

Hey.  Wanna

check out my






  It's my final project  

  and I LOVE it!!!  Click

  here.  Thanks, Jim,

  for such a great 

  class.  My best to you!








Click the hot  air balloon to find out what a real wiki can look like.  It's not full of hot air! 

Click to find map of student locations around the world.

Click on an interactive Google map to add your location to our world-wide online community!

Ruth Virginia




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