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After years as a secretary,

paralegal, computer entre-

preneur, and "singular" mom,

I obtained a master's degree

in elementary education from

Cambridge College in 2008.

My thesis, called “The Joy of

Learning: Incorporating Brain-based Learning into a Standards-based Curriculum," is about transforming public schools into academic safe havens where children love going to school! 


My metaphysical journey has been beautifully amplified by online learning.  My experiences here have all been sub-sumed by the fire of everything working together for good.  This is why I'm so excited and joyous about eLearning:  everything I learn in it complements my spiritual journey.


While creating my final projects making up this ePortfolio, I also started creating an online school for emotional healing called TheHomeSchool.  Many of the projects are within its virtual walls, accessible by pressing the "homeschool" tab above. From there, click on "ePortfolio" to come back here.  


Stout's E-Learning and Online Teaching graduate certificate is a miracle which rewards me for a lifetime of inquiry and creative spirit by requiring my entire skill set.  My gratitude for this lovely school and the glorious people who helped me get here knows

no bounds.


See interactive map by clicking below.  If you scroll down instead, you'll see more ocean.

Ruth Virginia




autobiography       (Press to listen.)


I don't just think outside the box, I live outside it, one foot firmly planted inside!  A deep spiritual under- pinning of love has healed the loneliness inherent in such a stand.  I am now creating with online tools learned at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, having discovered that eLearning also lives within and outside the box and is thus transforming education.


I grew up in the most beautiful place on Earth (map), Eastern Long Island .  I am an American planetary citizen, born in Toronto and raised in Israel, Greece, USA, and Germany.  I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a BA in English and minors in German and Spanish. After decades of experience and adventure I make my home in Western Massachusetts with my beautiful daughter.

photo of the author, Ruth

This is a really cool map.  If you double-click on it, you'll be able to move it around and focus it anywhere on Earth!  And if you click on the plus (+) sign, bottom right, you'll go deeper and deeper in, and the center of the map will appear closer and closer.  You can go all the way in and see actual houses!  Maybe you'll even see your home.


This map will spring back when you go off this page.

Keonig, M. Ocean Waves. License Attribution 3.0. Sound retrieved 8/24/15 from

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This website is dedicated to my mom, whose love kept us alive!

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