The Joy of Creating

I referenced praying recently on my discussion post. I know, this may be a strong statement, but the praying I'm doing about accessing technology easily and having a blessed time while doing it has been very effective! These statements are not at all meant to proselytize; they are simply to record and express my journey.

I am not one of those people to whom the tech has come easily; I am, HOWEVER, becoming one! It has simply been that I've needed to see this computer and this educational technology as being the medium that works for me. When I tried to skype with Jim to access his offer of help with me learning new technologies (web tools, etc.), and I couldn't even figure Skype out!, even with his help, I was sort of back in the pit of despair. My mother suggested I thank God for this experience (of frustration, no less!) and let it go. I took her advice and opened my mind and heart to the possibility that this level of frustration might be a good thing - and went to bed.

Next morning, I realized that educational technology is my holy tool. (Yeah, yeah, I get it, but can you think of a better word?)

I realized that I was going to have to pray/meditate before using this spiritual tool and ask God and Spirit beforehand to bless my work. And sometimes I pray during because I forgot to pray before, and that works, too!

And ever since then I HAVE NOT HIT THE WALL! I have figured out everything I've needed to figured out, and if I haven't I know I will soon! Isn't that great??? I figured it out! So now, the deep, angst-ridden frustration I had experienced consistently in learning this wonderful thing, educational technology, is no longer a factor!

And finally, at long last, there is work on this planet that totally engages me and actually brings me peace! Adding this spiritual component to my intention with this work did the trick. You know what else helped? My instructor's willingness to engage with me in that place of frustration. James L. Erbe, our professor in this class, was willing to try to help me so I would not get so frustrated anymore! And his willingness to participate helped me, too, because it meant that I was no longer alone in that place of utter frustration; somebody else cared enough to ear-witness my experience.

During this class I have completely and totally fallen in love with educational technology. I was already there before Assessment in E-learning, but as a result of this course and my instructor's willingness to coach me with the learning process I am starting to FLY. In the past couple of weeks I have totally given in to my passion for this field; I have accepted that to do it right, in my own way, I am going to have to fully devote huge amounts of my time to this process.

And in making that commitment, I started flying.

I'm so happy to be learning this technology! I'm so happy to be learning various Web 2.0 tools and participating in sharing the gifts of free software that enable us to Redefine our work and transform it into something awesomely wonderful that we never even thought of before! I'm a convert, I'm a devotee, I'm committed to this wonderful electronic process of creation and communication. My thanks to all these wonderful people who have gone before me in enlivening educational technology and expanding it, making it the wondrous Godsend that it has become for me now. Thanks to the fabulous UW-Stout for making it all available in such a fully quality way at such a reasonable cost. Thanks to my professors, past, present and future. Thanks to the ladies at CC - you know who you are! Thanks to Dennis O'Connor for REALLY making it so. Thanks to my daughter, for putting up with my newfound passion, and Thanks, Mom!

I produced this Salmon Falls movie using Vimeo. It's an audio/visual present to thank you for listening (under 2 minutes): https:​//

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