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An Assessment Unit lives on this page; you will find it in the menu below.  It is where my fictitious 8th grade teacher at WeBelong School, Ms. Virginia, explores student engagement with a twist:  While learning in her online professional development (PD) classes at UW-Stout about engaging her classroom's interest and attention, she practices what she's learned with her students in a blended classroom at WeBelong Schooland she is being assessed in both classes

Together, she and her classmates and her students are working out the mechanics of creating a school environment where the students and the teacher are engaged and interested and having fun while learning!  Ms. Virginia suspects that classroom engagement happens when learning is FUN for students and teachers and has decided to explore what her 8th grade students think about it.  She suspects that if her students have deep fun while learning, they will be engaged.  She is also learning about assessment by assessing and being assessed by her professor, her peers, her students, and, most especially, herself, as she practices engagement.  This Unit is her final project for her class at Stout, Assessment in E-learning.  


To explore the Unit, click on the buttons below to go to those pages.  To come back to this page, click on the back button or Assess or its dropdown in the menu above or use the buttons on the bottom of the pages to come back here.  Come on in!  The water's fine!  

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