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Tip Sheet - Skype


A Tip Sheet is a hopefully handy and helpful document that gives tips on how to do something; in our case it's something technological, like using Skype.  Tamara Anderson and Tania Basten and I created a Skype Tip Sheet together.  Nia and Tami covered opening a Skype account and using Skype to make group video calls, and I tackled Troubleshooting.  What is the first part of that compound word?  I even asked for it!  And I did so because I'd had so much trouble with Skype in the past I figured I'd attempt to make others' experience of Skype easier.  I hope it helps you or someone you know use Skype more easily and successfully, because Skyping with people sure can be a beautiful thing!

Download the Skype Tip Sheet Here:

Reflection:  I took Rebecca's challenge and figured out how to embed a document -- which is somehow much more challenging than I believe it should be!  Anway, I learned how to embed a document and it was well worth it.  I also took her advice and added the download option underneath, and of course that's a wise thing to do because people can save or print it for themselves more easily that way.  I also learned a lot about collaborating with my two wonderful teammates, about melding different styles and knowing when done is done!  I appreciate Rebecca's thoughtful feedback and again find myself making executive decisions while thinking like a teacher!

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