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CONTACT ME:                    Ruth Virginia Barton*


          Teacher:                   Ruth Virginia Barton

          Email:                        Ruth@PeaceWorx.US

          Phone/Text:            631/555-1212, 9-9.

          Safety Net:               www.SafetyNet.WeBelongSchool.

          PsychSupport:         800/555-1212 (WeBelong School Emergency Contact Info)


If students could use help with an overwhelming challenge, academic or otherwise, please consider contacting your support group, the Safety Net; or Psych Support (631/555-1212); or text or call me.  I prefer to be reached 9-9, Eastern Standard Time, but am otherwise available for emergencies.

*Since this website and WeBelong School are both under construction, the "real" Contact Info for the moment is my name and eddress, as above, in the footer below and at the bottom of every page in this website.

 Your constructive feedback is welcome here.

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