August 23, 2015

Module 8, Collaborative Classrooms

​I am getting used to miracles here because the transformation I have experienced this week is absolutely phenomenal.  It started with an emergency visit to my family during which I was offline for three days and is resulting in a profound acceptance of myself as not only a human being but as an online facilitator.  I am so happy and excited to be making this miraculous discovery that, by dint of extensive work and insight, finds me transformed into someone who believes i...

August 16, 2015


Module 7, Collaborative Communities


I guess just about all things in life are more challenging than you think they will be until you fully experience them and learn their secrets.  True professionalism cannot be faked because it is based on experience - the constant leveler!  No substitute for experience.  It's an aspect of being on the physical plane that absolutely insists that we fully descend into 3-D if we're really going to learn anything here.  Maybe with experience we can fake it till we make it...

August 9, 2015

Mod 6, CC

Wow.  A whole week in August has already gone by and I can hardly believe it. August!!!


This week I thought about critical thinking a lot and why the term is so popular in education circles.  I didn't understand at first because of course you're critical in your thinking but isn't it nice to sometimes not be so critical?  Like, as in non-judgemental? That can be a refreshing change, eh?  (Except for editing, where it's really fun to be critical. 8-D)


So because of my intent to discern...

August 2, 2015

Mod 5, Collaborative Communities

Our facilitator of the Blue Group this week did this outstanding thing to keep delving into the subject of how to relate online to a prospective future student who brought negativity into the class.  When we wrote how we'd handle such a situation in terms of emailing the student, she gave us feedback and then had us pretend the student had responded to our emails in a certain way, and what then?  How would we respond to the student after that?  That was a really creative wa...

July 27, 2015

Module 4, Collaborative Communities


I have been continuing to learn how to more effectively facilitate discussions - and augment them!  I took a few more risks this week.  My colleagues and I, in our small group discussion, I think came to a working agreement that interactivity was the byword for an exciting discussion that keeps building upon its own "critical thinking" to "successful learner-facilitator interactions."  I of course believe that critical thinking is the "safe" way of expressing exciting di...

July 18, 2015

Module 3: Collaborative Communities


Wow, what a week this has been.  I learned to push my own envelope in the "too polite" realm.  And my classmates challenged me to go there! That was pretty fantastic, because they nudged me very politely, actually.  Wow!  In our small group, the Blue Group, we were addressing these issues led by our fellow student, Connie, who started us off.  And off we did fly!!!  It is so nice to be learning together with other adults who are also so committed to their own learning....

July 12, 2015

Module 2: Collaborative Communities


I am positively floored by how much I learned this week in Collaborative Classrooms - how much I've evolved!  I had such a healing week.  It started with realizing how much more posting is required in this class than other classes I've taken in this certificate process:  my feedback last week was less than stellar because I totally forgot to respond to both discussions!  Anyway . . . .


Once I decided to drill down and pay more attention...

Module 1, Collaborative Communities


Happy Birthday, America!  I'm glad to be having this reflective time on our nation's birthday.  I'm so proud of our ability to grow as a community based on our living document, the U.S. Constitution.


I'm grateful for this course, Online Classroom: Creating Collaborative Communities, and for its timing!  I'm looking forward to gaining expertise on how to facilitate a close-knit community in my ow...

June 27, 2015

Instructional Design


I figured out how to have even more fun and make my course even more exciting!  Bonk!


On my About page (scroll down), I quote Professor Curtis J. Bonk, who writes extensively about how exciting learning becomes when combined with the Internet.  I must say, I must agree!  I don't understand why, I don't get how, but I do get it!  In all my courses so far, grounding my creative work online is what has sealed the deal for me, learning-wise.  It somehow makes it more relevant and meaningfu...

June 27, 2015

Instructional Design

Yup, that was painful!  The beginning of Instructional Design was a little excruciating, but I have a wonderful teacher in Dr. Susan Manning.  I had already learned the ABCD method of objective construction, where A = Audience (students), B = Behavior (action verb), C = Condition (under which student performs), and D = Degree (to what degree must they perform?) (Heinich, 1995) in my Assessment class.  I just didn't get it.  It's one of those things.  But Susan drilled dow...

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